I took these pictures while visiting the Sydney Rangers Supporters Club in February 2005.
What a party we had. We had just humped Celtic 2-0 in their own midden and it took us to the top of the league.

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I can't thank the guys down under enough. They gave me a wonderful time down there for a second time.
My first time taking in the Sydney Convention back in 2002. It will be my absolute pleasure to return the gesture.
If and when any of you get to the shores of Vancouver my door is always open. Thanks again lads truly appreciated...

Meet Niki Zilligen
Niki is the merchandise man
for the Sydney Bears.
He's a good friend.
and he tries hard
at the golf too.
In this picture are two
of my dear friends, Billy Moffat
& Russell Chapman.
Here they are handing
me a lovely wee plaque.
It's really appreciated lads.
I'm truly sorry
I've forgotten this
wee Bears name.
When you hump
the tims who cares
about a name.

Here we have the bears in the club preparing for the big event.
At this time we never new we would be partying until the wee hours of the morning.
Celtic 0 Rangers 2 did I mention this was at Parkhead too :-). "YA Dancer" made it so much sweeter.

Now to the golf pictures.
Here we are at Riverside Oaks Golf Course. A two hour drive from Sydney's business district.
It's Wednesday night in Scotland and Thursday in OZ. Here's four bears scrambling into
the club house pestering the local pro to get the computer fired up. We need a FIX, a Rangers fix at that.
You should have heard the roar when we learned we had just beat Hearts in the dying seconds of the game.
Just made our day that result. We had a great day out.

Here we have Niki,Billy, Russell
On the first tee, they're checking
out wind conditions. They've
some weird gear in Australia.
In this one here Billy's about
to do the pinnacle salute
Jim! where did it go?
It's in the burn Billy, reload.
Now lets study Russells form.
I'm not sure about you Russell
How's your tennis pal.

Lets check Russell out
again from the reverse angle.
A'h that's better mate. See
the difference after another beer.
It's very tough setting up to hit,
when Skippy is right up yer arse....
He kept saying yer swing's
like a lavvy door and
why are you in the rough anyway.

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